Polylyric Posts is honored to be affiliated with the Rave Reviews Book Club (#RRBC), a rich community of talented independent authors and publishers.  The Rave Reviews Book Club regularly sponsors blog tours featuring member authors, and this month, Polylyric Posts is delighted to present RRBC Author Joyce Shaughnessy!

About the Author

Joyce Shaughnessy has published five books in the last seventeen years. The first three, A Healing PlaceBlessed Are the Merciful, and The Unsurrendered, are romantic historical fiction based upon the Dust Bowl in the Great Depression and WWII in the Pacific. They reflect her love of history and historical fiction. She is also a certified editor, and has edited four anthologies and several novels. She loves editing almost as much as writing.

Joyce reports that she has two finished manuscripts on her desk. She hasn’t found the proper home for them yet, but hopes to soon. She has lived with her husband in Midland, Texas for the last twenty-six years. They share a love of reading and own a very large collection gathered over the years.

Joyce’s Writing Process

I am an early bird. I wake almost every morning by 5:30 and after a quick breakfast and a scan of the newspaper, I sit in front of my computer and either write new material or revise and edit previous versions. I never write from an outline, but I do organize my work into chapters with brief summaries. If I am writing historical fiction, I have already organized my research before I begin. With all of this in front of me, I begin my manuscript. I can’t count the number of revisions. I love to work this way. Every morning is exciting. I admire those authors who work from outlines. It just isn’t something I can do.

Her Current Book

A Healing Place is based on the Thirties and Forties and emphasizes the power of love, sacrifice, courage and prayer. The Millers move to Texas from Oklahoma during the Dust Bowl of the Great Depression. Their son-in-law, Jed, is sent to the Philippines during WWII where he walks the Death March.  Learn more and pick up a copy a print or eBook copy here: A Healing Place.

Connect with Joyce Online!

Twitter: @AuthorJoyceS

Facebook: @joyceshaughnessy1

Website: joyceshaughnessy.blogspot.com

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