Welcome to the WATCH “#RWISA” WRITE Showcase Tour! Each day a member of the elite Rave Writers International Society of Authors will post a sample of his or her written work. Featured on Day 10of the tour is RWISA author Mary Adler with her beautiful poem, “Where Is the Equator of Hope?”


Mary Adler


Where is the equator of Hope?
The Prime Meridian for Love?
The coordinates of Joy?
And where are Lewis & Clark,

to run the rapids of envy
and resolve new paths to the heart?

Where is the 39th Parallel of desire?
The Northwest Passage to bliss?
The Gulf Stream that warms cold ashes?
And where dwells the Copernicus of Compassion,

who swears love spins on its own axis,
yet revolves around the other.

Where is the Mason Dixon line for the past?
The trade winds of remembrance?
The magnetic fields of memory?
And where is the Galapagos of grace,

where the self evolves to the selfless,
and the soul embraces the stranger?

Oh, where is the cartographer of Love,
To find True North of the heart

When love has gone south,

When East and West collide,
And all devolves to a point,

to a point.

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