When the Eye Sees Itself

(Former working title: Entanglement)
by Eric Borgerson

“A narrative that is unique unto itself, telling a story somewhere on the spectrum between Orwell and Heinlein in its approach to politics and human classism… disturbingly realistic and certainly cautionary. .. The prose is tight and it is well edited …If you’re looking for something that feels like a modern Philip K Dick, When the Eye Sees Itself might be the perfect book for you.”  -Author Christopher D. Schmitz: Inside the Inkwell.

“Imaginative and sophisticated storytelling…shifting from one genre into another…some heavy themes but never too graphic…” “Admire the fantastic cover and turn the page.” -Author Damien Black, A Bastard’s Indie Book Reviews

“Eric Borgerson astonishes with his legal science fiction novel…brilliant worldbuilding…disturbing and highly intriguing concept I have not yet encountered…the science is explained in a feasible and pragmatic fashion…utilizes his own expertise in law and politics to craft a compelling story that engrosses readers…” -Author Sarah Katz.

“A beautifully, complex novel…With both an amazing writing style, characters, and a brilliant storyline that hasn’t been overly done, Borgerson brings a new player into the Sci-fi race! This is an author we would all do well to keep an eye out for!” “I promise this is one novel that you won’t put down easily.” –The Love of a Bibliophile

“An intricately woven narrative dipping its toes in more than one genre … interesting, unique and thought-provoking … Touches on subjects not explored in anything I’ve met in writing before. A nail-biting read.” -Siren and Soldier Book Reviews.

  • Winner in Science Fiction, 2018 Independent Press Award
  • First Book in Science Fiction, 2018 Pinnacle Book Awards
  • First Runner-Up in General Fiction, 2018 Los Angeles Book Festival

Polylyric is pleased to announce its debut title, an exciting new novel that weaves a dazzlingly complex web of interconnection – institutional, psychological, political, cultural, economic, conscious, even subatomic – and shows how tugging on a thread within it can pull everyone down, or up.

The story takes place in a country that classifies people by temperamental balance, segregating Vulnerables and Aggressives from the ranks of Citizens who are deemed to possess a functional balance.

A legal challenge becomes the catalyst for a surge of unrest among the excluded classes, with Vulnerable and Aggressive activists squaring off against the conservative Citizen’s Action League over the rules for entry into the powered class.

Under the surface of this political conflict lurks a new technology – Quantum Field Resonance Imaging– which allows people to interpenetrate quantum neural fields and touch minds. The technology is in use for illicit and noble purposes, on small scales and large, officially and in the shadows.

Nothing is as it seems, and as the mind-linking technology peels back the veneer of ordinary perception, layer upon layer of deception and collusion are exposed, revealing abuses of power so profound they threaten to annihilate the country in civil war. Yet, an even more fundamental shift can be heard rumbling from beneath, as still deeper strata of illusion are blasted away and the struggle for control becomes more and more subtle.

Dealing with themes of quantum entanglement, mass surveillance, mass incarceration, political struggle, descent into darkness and addiction, state sponsored terror and torture, and spiritual awaking amidst the ashes of shattered conventions, When the Eye Sees Itself is epic, inspiring, disturbing and fun. It is a cautionary tale about power, the kind that imprisons and the kind that sets us free, all of it borne of our interpenetrated minds.

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