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Welcome to the Polylyric Press blog! We will post articles here on independent writing and publishing, book reviews of works by indie authors, as well as guest articles and excerpts of written work by members of the independent publishing community.  Please feel free to comment on existing posts. Send an email to or a message through our Contact form if you would like to author a post or suggest a topic.

Writing Nonfiction Can Boost Your Fiction

By Amy Rogers
April 18, 2018
Category: Independent Publishing

Polylyric is delighted to host this informative piece by Amy Rogers, scientist, science-thriller writer, indie author and publisher.  Amy is a vibrant and supportive member of the indie publishing community, both through her own delightful contributions as an author, and by hosting other author interviews and features at  In this article, Amy shares her experience writing a popular science column in her home-city's paper, and how it led to her latest book.  She also offers helpful tips for indie authors l... Continue reading

Tags: indie publishing indie author science thrillers amy rogers journalism

Review of In the Shadow of Lies by M. A. Adler

By Eric Borgerson
April 16, 2018
Category: Independent Publishing

In the Shadow of Lies by M. A. Adler is an engaging read with many dimensions.  It is a fast-paced and suspenseful mystery. It is a moving portrayal of historical truths that must be recalled, even though they are painful and shameful.  It is also a compassionate portrait of people locked in unjust, harmful, and violent relationships based on distorted perceptions and wounds of the mind.

The story is set in and around Richmond, California, during World War II.  It is rooted in enough history of the war and... Continue reading

Tags: Adler Shadow of Lies indie publishing indie author

How A Holiday In Egypt Led To My First Book

By Rita Lee Chapman
March 09, 2018
Category: Independent Publishing


Polylyric Posts is delighted to host a guest post by English-Australian author

Rita Lee Chapman.

Rita was born in London and moved to Australia in he... Continue reading

Tags: rita lee chapman indie publishing indie author
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Author Interview With Eric Borgerson By Rita Lee Chapman

By Polylyric Admin
March 04, 2018
Category: Independent Publishing

This post originally appeared March 4, 2018 on English-Australian author Rita Lee Chapman's website:  Rita kindly conducted an interview with Polylyric author Eric Borgerson, but her blog does not feature archived interviews, so she generously agreed to allow Polylyric to re-post it.

This week it is my pleasure to interview Eric Borgerson. Would you please introduce yourself to my readers, Eric and share something about your life. 


... Continue reading
Tags: Eric Borgerson When the Eye Sees Itself Borgerson Author Interview Borgerson author Quantum entanglement political drama

What Is Independent Publishing?

By Eric Borgerson
February 06, 2018
Category: Independent Publishing
What Is Independent Publishing?
And How Is It Different from Traditional Publishing and Self Publishing?

Like so many facets of life in the digital age, the world of book publishing is simultaneously shrinking and expanding. As the traditional publishing routes have consolidated and become increasingly selective, authors are turning in droves to more direct means for getting their books before readers. Although the terms “self publishing,” and “independent publishing” are often used loosely and interchangeably, there are im... Continue reading

Tags: independent publishing self-publishing traditional publishing indie publishing

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